Basic steps for printing specimen reports
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Good default values are set up for you when install the software so that you can begin printing without any fuss.  But when you want to customize the look of your reports, there are several things to know that may not be obvious at first glance.  Read the Tips for printing great looking reports to understand how the printing process works.

Step 1:  Select a filter
The filter you're using defines the columns of your report, the records to include, the sorting order, and the relative column widths of the report.  Use any existing filter, or create your own, with just the items you want to include on your report.
Step 2:  Print command
Begin the print process by choosing the Print Specimen command from the File menu.
Step 3:  Select a report style
Choose one of the predefined report styles, or create your own -- follow the instructions beginning with Defining report style fonts.
Choose whether to print all pages or a From and To range of pages.

If you have more than one printer, select which one to use.  Use the Print setup button to change special printer characteristics.

Use the Preview button to switch between Landscape and Portrait orientations.  See WYSIWYG print preview for more about this.

Step 4:  Select portrait or landscape
On the Print preview window select the Orientation for your report.  Select one of the standard paper sizes, or use the Width and Height items to print to custom sized paper.
Use the green arrows to  scroll left and right, up and down to see how the report will look on paper.

The Scaling options allow you to zoom in on the report preview.  Scaling does not affect how the report is printed. 

Step 5:  Press the Print button
Use the Print button from step 3 to print selected pages or the Print button from step 4 to print all pages.

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Last reviewed March 25, 2004   


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