Defining label text and data values
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Use the Design label window to specify text and data values to include on your labels. You can specify text that appears on each label exactly as typed, or you can specify data values that are separately pulled from your specimen list for each label.  Data values are specified by entering one of the replacement tags that follow the form: <cb:xxxxx>. See the Alphabetical index to column specifications for the names used in these replacement tags.


Each line of the label is specified with a separate format line.



To show the list of data values that can be added to the label, press the Insert Columns button. Double-click an item in the list to add it's special replacement tag to the label.


Enter both the replacement tags and your special text in this part of the window. Note that a single line can contain a mixture of text and data, including multiple data items. A sample of how the line will appear on the label is shown at the very bottom.

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