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No implied endorsement

Links from these Compleat Botanica pages to Web sites of others are offered as a service of convenience to you.  No endorsement is implied.

Many of those sites are non-profit organizations whose charter is to be a community forum for like-minded individuals. Those societies and clubs often have political agendas promoting ecology, conservation, preservation, restoration, etc.  The opinions offered on those pages are the opinions of their editors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Crescent Bloom.

Some of the links from these pages provide access to commercial sites selling products for plant-related activities such as gardening, landscaping, cultivation, etc.  Inclusion of those links is voluntary; they are not paid advertisements.

A note to Webmasters

Links from other Web sites to Crescent Bloom's home page are encouraged.  For more information see our company policy on referrals.

If you want a link from these pages to your site removed or changed, please send a note to Customer Service.


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