Using the Compleat Botanica
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Using the software

You've come to the right place to find answers to your questions. Use these documents to understand how the essential features of the software work.

If you're just getting started and you've already read the Introductory Tutorial, the How to . . . documents, and the series of Not so obvious . . . articles, consider reading more about filters and categories. Even if you're a database guru, you may find a few surprisingly convenient features to help you get more out of the software.


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Index to Pathfinder documents

   Getting started
Index to getting started with The Compleat Botanica.

   Introductory tutorial
Begin here to get a good overview of the software.

   Essential features of The Compleat Botanica
Using this summary of essential features, you'll find tools to help you organize your plant collection, you'll see a different way to conduct research, you'll discover a new educational resource, and you'll learn how to publish and share your new found discoveries.

   How do I . . .
Index of "how to" articles describing step-by-step procedures for common tasks.

   The not so obvious . . .
Even the simplest things in life have hidden charms. Here's a list of things that may not be obvious at first glance.

Index to topics on how to use the Pathfinder facility.

   Filtering your data
Index to topics about filtering columns and rows.

   Custom categories
Index to topics about custom categories.

Index to topics about the Specimen Views and the Specimen List.

   Specimen List
Index to topics about the Specimen List.

   Specimen Views
Index to the Specimen Views.

   Alphabetical index to column specifications
Alphabetical index to column specifications.

   Plant names
Index to topics about plant names.

   Checklist of botanical names
Index to topics about the Checklist Hierarchy and Checklist View.

   Spell-checker and formatting rules
Index to topics about the botanical spell-checker and botanical name formatting rules.

   Vernacular names
Index to vernacular name topics.

   Things you can do with your pictures
Index to topics about things you can do with your pictures.

Index to topics about printing reports, tags, and documents.

   Printing reports
Index to report generation topics.

   Printing labels
Index to topics about printing labels.

   Printing Pathfinder documents
Index to printing Pathfinder documents.

   Printing Checklist reports
Index to printing Checklist reports.

   Sharing your data
Index to importing, exporting, XML, CSV, and TXT topics.

   Importing from other applications
Index to topics about how to import data from other applications.

   Exporting data to other applications
Index to topics about how to export data to other applications.

   Data validation and import/export rules
Index to topics on data validation and import/export rules.

   Publishing your data
Index to topics about how to publish your data.

Index to topics about finding specimen and finding botanical names.

   Managing your databases
Topics describing how to create, delete, backup and restore your databases.

   Database operations
Index to topics about database commands.

   Special database issues
Index to topics about special database issues.

   ODBC and MSDE
Index to topics about Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE).

   General usage guidelines
Index to general usage guidelines.

   The notes editor
Index to topics about the notes editor.

   Focus dependent commands
Index to topics about the current focus.

   Suggested data collection methods
Index to suggested data collection methods.

   Special keyboard and mouse instructions
Index to special keyboard and mouse instruction topics.

Index to chart topics.

   Customizing the software
Index to topics on how to customize the software.

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