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Customer profiles


Gaura lindheimeri

Great looking in showy masses

Spreads slowly.  Drought tolerant.  Gaura has very long wiry stems, tiny leaves turning to red, and four petaled pink blossoms that soon fade to white.


Gardening and The Compleat Botanica

   Flower gardener
Flower gardeners find a good tool for their passion
Quickly find the family groupings of plants in your garden. Use the Gateway feature to research even further.
   Vegetable gardeners
Vegetable gardeners branch out to new varieties
It's easy to research exotic vegetable crops with The Compleat Botanica's World Wide Web Gateway.
Arboretum catalogs and organizes for future generations
Cataloging a large collection is easy with The Compleat Botanica.
   Botanical gardens
Botanical gardens prepare seasonal lists of plant in bloom
Cataloging your botanical garden has many benefits. Keeping that catalog up to date is easy with The Compleat Botanica.
   Garden clubs
Garden clubs exchange more than just heritage varieties
Standardize on The Compleat Botanica and share your plant lists with other garden club members.
   Master Gardener
Master Gardeners cultivate more than just plants
By using The Compleat Botanica, a Master Gardener can share their knowledge in a professional way.
Nurseries find an easy way to prepare signs for featured plants
With a few simple mouse clicks, your growing concern can create customized plant placards.
   Seed exchange
Seed exchange members take the guesswork out of accurate labels
By tracking plants with unique specimen numbers, seed exchange members can be certain about authenticity and origin.



Fuchsia 'Nellie Nuttall'

White bloomers peeking from red tresses

What could be more sexy than that?


Professional groups using The Compleat Botanica

Best practices for tree management
Record tree forms, life spans, fertilizer requirements, and best practices for use by your arborists and your customers.
Conservation specialists make informed decisions
Develop lists of native, endemic, and rare plants in a conservation area for informed management decisions.
   Plant society
Plant societies catalog their flora
Develop regional flora to record exactly what can be found in the natural landscape -- from natives to exotics, from endemics to invasives.
Restoration workers organize their plans
Record lists of suitable species for hillside erosion control projects, wetland edge projects and highway beautification projects.
   Wetland management
Wetland managers inventory their diversity
Protection, creation, restoration, and management of wetlands using professional plant software as an inventory mechanism.
Florists plan ahead for optimal blooms
Florists can use their year-over-year sales data to forecast seasonal buying trends.



'Souvenir de Bonn'

Summertime delight with handsome year-round foliage

Pendant, bowl-shaped flowers in soft to bright orange colors


Specialties and hobbyists using The Compleat Botanica

Herbalists keep track of ancient secrets using the state of the art
The traditional and contemporary uses of plants cross paths in the hands of skilled herbalists.
   Dye maker
Dye makers color the world the old fashioned way
Plant based dyes make subtle, beautiful, and long-lasting colors.
Perfumers still rely on traditional plants for base notes
Makers of home-made perfumes can mix simple scents using leaves, twigs, and blossoms of well known plants.
   Home economics
Home economics for the plant enthusiast
Record and organize nutritional data such as proteins & fatty acids, vitamins & minerals, and trace elements for both common and unusual fruits & vegetables and herbs & spices.
Photographing the natural world
Capture plant pictures and organize your photo album with proof sheets, annotated picture printouts, and embedded thumbnail images.



Acer pseudoplatanus

High contrast in a cool shady spot

Deep reddish clay coloring on each leaf's underside provides high contrast to the light green upper side.


Botanical sciences get help with The Compleat Botanica

Botanists capture the key descriptive features of plant species
Record descriptive keys for underground parts, wood, bark, leaves, inflorescences, fruits and more.
Ecologists & The Compleat Botanica: human/software symbiosis
Record symbiotic relationships, keystone indicator species, and plant communities for an area of study.
Ethnobotany - The Compleat Botanica and traditional plant uses
Record historical plant uses and plant lore for indigenous people.
Herbaria catalog their specimen collections with The Compleat Botanica
Record sheet number, collector's name, collection location, collection date, and collection number for herbarium specimen.
Horticulture and The Compleat Botanica: a rare cross
Record propagation protocols, seed & pollen parents, and derivation methodologies.
Taxonomy and The Compleat Botanica: a traditional tree of life
The traditional classification and order of species may be on its way to extinction, but there's still plenty of life in it.



Vitis 'Diamond'

Vigorous and productive

Medium sized, high quality and slightly aromatic.


Agriculture and The Compleat Botanica

   Agricultural extension
Agricultural extensions get help keeping track of local pests and diseases
Record common pests and diseases, best cultivation practices, and probable yields.
Pomology: ripening to perfection
Pomologists share the fruits of their labors with The Compleat Botanica.
Silviculture: art meets science in the upper canopy
Silviculturists extend the capabilities of The Compleat Botanica.
   Truck farmers
Truck farmers maximize their weekend sales potential
Truck farmers get help selling more with simple placards that feature their produce.
See why viticulture has a crush on The Compleat Botanica
Viticulture gets organized with The Compleat Botanica .


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