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The World Wide Web has many resources for the plant enthusiast.  Making sense out of the diversity of interests and specialties related to the Plant Kingdom is no easy task.  Here is a good cross-sample of what's available.  Start here for ideas and then use a good search engine to find even more sites.

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Buddleja 'Harlequin'

   Plant collector societies
Index of special societies for the plant enthusiast.

   Special focus gardening forums
Index of web links to special focus gardening forums.

   Professional associations
Index of web links to professional plant associations.

   Research groups and plant databases
Index of web links to research groups and plant databases.

   Arboretum and botanical gardens
Index to web links of arboretum and botanical gardens.

   Famous estate gardens
Index of web links to famous gardens and estate gardens.

   Botanical societies
Index of web links to botanical societies.

   Conservation and restoration groups
Index of web links to conservation and restoration groups.

   Public agencies
Index of web links to public agencies.

   Native plant and wildflower societies
Index of web links to native plant and wildflower societies.

   Software for plant related disciplines
Index to plant software for collections, research, cladistics, photographs, biodiversity, and more.

   Cognoscere Plantae
Index Encyclicus Cognoscere Plantae

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