More notes about the installation of SQL Server Desktop
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When the SQL Server Desktop Engine installation process is launched, the script may need to install a newer version of  the "Windows Installer".  Windows Installer is an operating system utility that many setup programs use.  If your computer does not have version 1.2 of the "Windows Installer" the script will begin by installing or updating this utility.

See the snapshots below for samples of how this process will look.


Here is a snapshot of the first screen you will see during the installation of SQL Server Desktop Engine.
Here is a snapshot of the message you will see if the "Windows Installer" is being installed or updated. 
When the Windows Installer has finished updating itself, you'll need to restart your computer and begin the installation of SQL Server Desktop Engine again.
NOTE:  The "Time remaining" indicator will change up and down during the installation of Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine.  It is quite common for this indicator to guess wrongly about the estimated time remaining.


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Last reviewed January 26, 2004   


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