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Vernacular names of plants within the Genus Phyllocladus

celery pine

Hierarchical position of the Genus Phyllocladus

   Regnum  Plantae
common name: The plant kingdom
   Divisio  Pinophyta Cronquist
syn. Coniferophyta
pub. Takht. & Zimmerm. ex Reveal, Phytologia 79: 70. 29 Apr 1996.
common name: conifers, gymnosperms
   Subdivisio  Pinophytina Cronquist
pub. Takht. & Zimmerm. ex Reveal, Phytologia 79: 70. 29 Apr 1996.
   Classis  Pinopsida Burnett
pub. Outl. Bot.: 483, 1090. Jun 1835.
common name: Conifers
   Subclassis  Pinidae Cronquist
pub. Takht. & Zimmerm., Taxon 15: 134. Apr 1966.
   Ordo  Podocarpales Pulle ex Reveal
pub. Novon 2: 239. 13 Oct 1992.
   Familia  Phyllocladaceae Bessey
pub. Nebraska Univ. Stud. 7: 325. Oct 1907.
   Subfamilia  Phyllocladoideae W. Hochst.
pub. Coniferen: 8. Oct 1881.
   Tribus  Phyllocladeae Dumort.
pub. Anal. Fam. Pl.: 12. 1829.
   Genus  Phyllocladus Rich. & Mirb.
pub. (1825)
common name: phyllocladus

Named members of the Genus Phyllocladus

   Species  trichomanoides D. Don
common name: celery pine

Individual specimen entries are published in the sample database supplied with The Compleat Botanica for species or varieties of this supra-generic taxon.

For a description of the methodology followed in establishing this hierarchy see the note Nomenclature used in The Compleat Botanica.


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