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Sample database citations

The sample database contains partial entries from a variety of sources to demonstrate how the software can be used for different purposes.  The data source field is an indication of where the source data for the entries was obtained.  Please refer to the cited publications for more about each of the specimen in the sample database.

�source� field Citation
Allergy "Allergies A-Z", Myron A Lipkowitz and Tova Navarra, Facts on File, New York, 1994.
BotLatin "Botanical Latin: History, Grammer, Syntax, Terminology and Vocabulary", William T. Stern, Hafner Publishing Company, New York, 1966.
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CaBskt "Plants used in basketry by the California Indians", Ruth Earl Merrill, Acoma Books, Ramona CA, 1971 (originally published 1923 by University of California Publications in "American Archeology and Ethnology."
ColorNat "Colors from nature : growing, collecting & using natural dyes", Bobbi A. McRae, Storey Communications Inc, Pownal Vermont, 1993.
DeerPrf "Deer proofing your yard & garden", Rhona Massingham Hart, Storey Communications Inc, Pownal Vermont, 1997.
DyeFib "Dyes & Fibers", Will Bearfoot, Oliver Press, Willits California, 1975.
DyePl "Dye plants and dyeing -- a handbook", EthelJane McD. Schetky, editor, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn New York, 1964.
Frgnt "The Fragrant Garden.  A book about sweet scented flowers and leaves", Louise Beebe Wilder, Dover Publications, New York, 1974.  Originally published as "The Fragrant Path", Louise Beebe Wilder, 1932, The Macmillan Company.
GrUnFr "Growing Unusual Fruit", Alan E. Simmons, Walker and Company, New York, 1972.
HtZn "Heat-zone Gardening:  How to choose plants that thrive in your region's warmest weather",  Dr. H. Marc Cathey with Linda Bellamy, American Horticultural Society, Time-Life Books, 1998.
HumGrdn "Hummingbird Gardens: Turning your yard into hummingbird heaven", Stephen W. Kress, editor, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn New York, 2000.
MedPl "The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants", Andrew Chevallier, DK Publishing, New York, 1996.
NWBskt "Northwest Indian Basketry", Genevieve Baird, The Washington State American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, The Washington State Historical Society, 1976.
Poison "A field guide to venomous animals and poisonous plants of North America north of Mexico", Peterson Field Guides, Steven Foster and Roger Caras, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1994.
PrvntDeer "A gardener's guide to preventing deer damage", Bob Coey and Kenneth Mayer, California Department of Fish and Game, 1991.
UnFruit "Uncommon Fruits Worthy of Attention: A Gardener's Guide", Lee Reich, Addison-Wesley Publishing, Reading, Massachusetts, 1991.
UnVeg "Unusual Vegetables: Something New for This Year's Garden", Anne Moyer Halpin, editor, Organic Gardening and Farming, Rodale Press, Emmaus, Pennsylvania, 1978.
Xeri "Xeriscape Gardening: Water Conservation for the American Landscape", Connie Lockhart Ellefson, Thomas L. Stephens, and Douglas Welsh, Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, 1992.

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