The Filter View
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The Filter view is where you specify which columns and rows to include or exclude from the Specimen List.

Here's a table describing some of the general features of this view:

Item Description
Filter description

Type any name here that describes the purpose of the filter.

This is the list of column names to show in the Specimen List.
(Adjacent to "Item")
This is an abbreviation of the type of records to include or exclude.
(to the left of "Item")
Blue icons are unfiltered columns.  Red icons are filtered columns.
Add column
Remove column
Add columns to the filter by selecting the column name in the right-hand list.

Remove columns from the filter by selecting the column name in the left-hand list.

All columns in the database:

Select columns here and press the "Add column" button to add it to the filter.

Double-click an item to add it quickly.

Specify what data to include or exclude in the lower portion of the view.

Each column displays a different set of possible filtering criteria here.

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