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Buddleja davidii 'Harlequin'

Exquisite butterfly plant

Handsome year-round variegated foliage and bright reddish-violet panicles in the summer.

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"Theresa says . . ."

Theresa is thrilled to share her knowledge of horticulture and good land stewardship.  "I feel that we live in such a delicate balance, and the indiscriminate use of some commercial products may tip the scales the wrong way."  Theresa uses The Compleat Botanica to keep track of her own horticultural practices in her back yard.

Did you know?

Q:  How do the specimen links inside the Notes area work?

A:  You can create hyperlinks from one specimen to another when you use the notes area.  This is the area provided at the bottom of several of the specimen data entry views for typing word processing-like notes.

When a hyperlink has been created, you can double-click the item to jump to the referenced specimen.  see the full story.

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The Compleat Botanica for the Master Gardener
Develop list of plants best suited to your area.
Research plants of interest to find out even more.
Print tags, placards, and reports.
Publish your collection to the Web.


Features for the Master Gardener


  Seasonal interest calendar

  Iconic data

  Professional report styling

  All of the essential features of The Compleat Botanica

Data fields for the Master Gardener

Just a few of the data fields useful for the Master Gardener:

  Life cycle

  Adverse qualities



  Best uses

  Tolerates drought

  Tolerates seaside conditions

  Tolerates high humidity

  Alphabetical index of all 160 fields used by The Compleat Botanica


Software snapshots

There are 17 side-by-side data entry views making it easy to access and update your data.  Be sure to check out the Climate view.

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Frequently asked questions

  How many pictures are contained in the program?

A:  Only about 100 flower pictures are supplied with the sample database.  The Compleat Botanica provides for the organization of plant pictures that are taken with today's ever-present digital cameras, but the software is not an encyclopedia of plant pictures.

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Tips . . .

  How to find plant names.

A:  Looking for a hard to remember name can be frustrating, especially when you're not an expert in botanical names. The software provides several ways to search for names, each useful for different searching problems.

If you know a plant by its common name, use the list of vernacular names. Type the common name in the search field and press the search button.

You can also use the list of vernacular names if you know part or all of the botanical name. Just toggle the search button to Search for botanical names.

If you know part or all of the botanical name, you can use the Find facility of the taxonomic checklist.

If you're certain that you have a specimen record for a particular name, you can use the Find facility of the specimen view  See the full story.

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