Common names
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Basic specification
Visible name Common names
Typical usage The common names of a species are stored in the table of vernacular names.  Common names are automatically shown for the named genus, species and variety.  You may enter a new name if it doesn't already exist in the list.
Visible display type The common names are displayed in a short list with a special pop-up window for adding, removing, and changing entries.
Data entry view Identification view

Storage details
SQL name CommonName
Storage type A text value up to 30 characters in length.

Import / export notes

When importing and exporting the column name for this item is CommonNames.
When importing the Merge option is always in effect.
Action File type Notes
Import Delimited file When importing common names you may specify more than one name by separating the names with commas and surrounding the entire list with double quotes.

To import common names that are from non-English speaking countries you can place the name of the country of origin within parentheses after the common name.  In this case the ForeignLanguage item will be checked and the Locality item will contain the name of the country or language of origin.

When a new vernacular name entry is created, the DataSource is set to the value of the DataSource column as it appears in the import file.

If a common name already exists in the vernacular list for this botanical name a new item is not created, instead the DataSource of the existing vernacular name entry is appended with the value of the DataSource column as it appears in the import file.

XML file Same as above, except double quotes are not needed when more than one name is supplied -- simply separate the names with commas.
Export Delimited file Exported as a comma separated list of names.
XML file ditto

Publication templates

The replacement tag is <cb:CommonNames>. The possible attributes for this tag are shown below. Values marked with an asterisk are used by default.
Attribute Possible values Notes
multilist on * Output the list of names using an HTML <table></table> tag pair.  Each name is placed in a separate row within the table.
off Output the list of names separated by spaces.


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