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The Identification View is used for all entries to identify the botanical, common and family names of the plant.
  Item Notes
1 Genus The first letter must be capitalized.
2 Species All lower case letters.

This may also be the keyword "ssp." to indicate that this record refers to all species of this genus.

3 Variety The horticultural variety -or-
the subspecies if prefixed by the keyword "spp."
4 Cultivar The cultivar name will automatically appear in single quotes and in a non-italicized font.  Do not add the single quotes yourself.
5 Common names These names are automatically supplied when you type in the genus, species and variety.
6 Family This name is automatically supplied when you type in the genus.
7 Specimen number A consecutive number to help herbariums to track individual specimen.
8 Data source A reference to where the data for this plant was originally obtained.
9 Uncertain taxonomy Automatically checked if the genus and species cannot be found in the taxonomic checklist.  If you are sure this is a valid name, you can override this checkmark.
10 Go to the vernacular name details.
11 Go to the taxonomic details.

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