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Basic specification
Visible name Cultivar
Typical usage The cultivar is a horticultural name that is appended to the botanical name and is used to identify a named hybrid.  The usual rules for forming botanical names are not followed when a new cultivar is named.  Thus new names may be in any language (although they are usually romanized), any case, and may include peoples names or other proper nouns.  Some cultivars are even trademarked names -- this is especially true for plants that produce edible food crops.

When the botanical name is assembled for plants with a named cultivar they are surrounded by single quotes and are set off from the name by using a non-italicized font.  These single quotes are automatically supplied by the software, you should not enter them yourself.

Visible display type The cultivar is displayed using an unformatted text box.

The botanical name spell-checker is not used on cultivars.

Data entry view Identification view

Storage details
SQL name Cultivar
Storage type A text value up to 50 characters in length.

Import / export notes

When importing and exporting the column name for this item is Cultivar.
When importing with the Merge option, the existing value of this item will be completely overwritten by the value specified in the input file.
Action File type Notes
Import Delimited file Because a cultivar's name can have any form, no special rules are followed when importing this item.  If the BotanicalName is not imported at the same time, the BotanicalName is automatically reconstructed using this new cultivar together with the three other constituent parts.
XML file ditto
Export Delimited file Exported as it's stored without changes of any kind.
XML file ditto

Publication templates

The replacement tag is <cb:Cultivar>. The possible attributes for this tag are shown below. Values marked with an asterisk are used by default.
Attribute Possible values Notes
text on * Show this name as it's stored.
off Replace this tag with nothing.


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