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Basic specification
Visible name Price
Typical usage The buying/selling price for this plant.
Visible display type The Price is displayed using a simple text box.  It may contain any decimal number with two digits to the right of the decimal point.  No prejudice to any one country's currency is applied.
Data entry view Garden view

Storage details
SQL name Price
Storage type A decimal number                                      

Import / export notes

When importing and exporting the column name for this item is Price.
When importing with the Merge option, the existing value of this item will be completely overwritten by the value specified in the input file.
Action File type Notes
Import Delimited file Any decimal number.
XML file ditto
Export Delimited file Exported as it's stored in the database.
XML file ditto

Publication templates

The replacement tag is <cb:Price>. The possible attributes for this tag are shown below. Values marked with an asterisk are used by default.
Attribute Possible values Notes
text on * Show this item using two significant digits to the right of the decimal point.  To show a currency symbol, edit the template and add the appropriate currency symbol before or after the replacement tag.
off Replace this tag with nothing.


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