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The Garden View is used by botanical gardens and arboretum as well as by home gardeners, nurseries with stock plants and horticulturists with experimental beds to record the location and acquisition-related information for a plant.

  Item Notes
1 Suitable for gardens This should be checked to indicate that the species has some ornamental garden value -- color, fragrance, flowers, form, etc.
2 Nursery From which nursery (or friend/neighbor/relative) was this plant obtained.
3 Date The original date of acquisition.
4 Compost Checked to indicate that the plant has died.
5 Size at acquisition The original size of the plant when it was added to this collection.
6 Quantity Use this item to indicate how many plants of this species are in this collection.
7 Garden location Where is this specimen planted -- the name of the garden or the approximate location where it can be found.
8 Price code For commercial tradesmen, an indicator of this plant's sales price.
9 Price The buying/selling price for this plant.
10 Garden notes A word processing-like note for highlighting the ornamental value of this plant, its climatic suitability, and some of its traditional uses.

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