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The Checklist hierarchy is a listing of all taxonomic names available in The Compleat Botanica.  The hierarchy allows you to expand or collapse portions of the tree to see taxonomic names subordinate to the selected name.  Simply double click on any name to see all related entries one rank below.  To expand the entire tree below the selected name hold down the <CTRL> key while double-clicking.  Use caution when doing this from the higher ranks since the retrieval and display of many thousands of lower entries may take a very long time.

New names may be added and obsolete or incorrect names may be deleted using the buttons at the bottom of the hierarchy.  This is an advanced option for people working in the field of nomenclature and taxonomy.

At the time of this writing some entries are of uncertain parentage and have been placed under a parent named "<incertae>".  If you are an expert in a particular field of botany you can correctly assign these entries to their proper parentage using the Reclassify feature.

Note that the additions, deletions, and reclassifications performed on the checklist is done on a per-database case.  To copy the modified checklist to another database, use the export and import features.

Table of botanical ranks

The rank of each entry is identified by the green icon to the left of the name.  Here is a table of the codes used within the hierarchy:

Icon Rank (English) Rank (Latin) Database value Notes
R kingdom regnum 0
Rs sub-kingdom subregnum 1
D division divisio 2 also known as phylum in the plant kingdom
Ds sub-division subdivisio 3 also known as sub-phylum in the plant kingdom
C class classis 4
Cs sub-class subclassis 5
Os super-order superordo 6
O order ordo 7
Os sub-order subordo 8
F family familia 9
Fs sub-family subfamilia 10
T tribe tribus 11 secondary rank
Ts sub-tribe subtribus 12 secondary rank
G genus genus 13
Gs sub-genus subgenus 14
Se section sectio 15 secondary rank
Ses sub-section subsectio 16 secondary rank
Sr series series 17 secondary rank
Srs sub-series subseries 18 secondary rank
S species species 19
Ss sub-species subspecies 20
V variety varietas 21 secondary rank
Vs sub-variety subvarietas 22 secondary rank
F form forma 23 secondary rank
Fs subform subforma 24 secondary rank
C cultivar 25 non-botanical name defined by the association for horticultural plant names.

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