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The Checklist view displays the details of an individual botanical name entry.  Here is where you can find information about a plant name.  These names may be at any level of the taxonomic hierarchy.


Item Description
Rank The rank within the hierarchy, for example, ordo, familia, genus, species, and so forth.  This level is shown just to the left of the taxon name.
Taxon name The name of the entity.  All names at the rank of genus and above are unique.  Names names below genus are non-unique.
Common name One or more common names for this taxon name.  You may want to add your own common names to this field.
Author An abbreviation of the last name of the author of this plant name.  The author is the person who first validly published a description of this plant name.  This attribution is a required part of the botanical name for botanists and other scientists.  It is not commonly applied to plant names vernacularly.
Publication A citation of the first publication of this name.
Source The Compleat Botanica's source of the author and publication data.
Original name The name originally used for this item.  Validly published names are sometimes changed to conform with the standards of the International Association of Plant Taxonomists code.  These rules require plants at certain levels of the hierarchy to have certain name endings.  For example, family names must end in -aceae.
Synonym Other validly published names which synonymously refer to this item.
Specimen available You may check this box to indicate that you have a specimen of this type in your collection.  All higher-level names in the hierarchy are automatically checked for you.  In this way you can see the diversity of your plant collection.
Notes You may freely add notes about the plant name here.

See What's possible with the notes area, Adding cross references to specimen in the notes area, and Limitations on the note fields.

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