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The Vernacular name view displays additional information about a common name such as its country of origin and whether or not it is a non-English language name.

  Item Notes
1 Common name When a single common name applies to more than one botanical name, a separate vernacular name entry exists for each pair of names.
2 Botanical name The formal botanical name that this common name refers to.
3 Rank The taxonomic rank of the botanical name.  This name is automatically supplied when you type a valid botanical name.
4 Locality The country or other locality where this name is in common use.
5 Meaning When this is an historical name or a foreign-language name, the translated meaning can be supplied here.
6 Preferred name When more than one common name is used to refer to the same species, this is checked to indicate which is the one most often used.
7 Historical name Checked when this is an older name that is used in historical writings but is not used in everyday speech.
8 Foreign language Checked when this is not an English language name.
9 Data source This is a reference to the source material where this common name can be found.
10 Press this button to create a new specimen record with this botanical name.
11 Go to the specimen record with this botanical name.
12 Go to the taxonomic details for the referenced botanical name.

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