Keyboard shortcuts
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Sometimes using the mouse to navigate from one place to another is distracting. If you�re a touch-typist, you�ll want to learn the keyboard shortcuts that can help you get from one part of The Compleat Botanica to another.

Key combination Command

<Ctrl> <page up>

Go to previous page

<Ctrl> <page down>

Go to next page

<Ctrl> <left>

Switch to left pane

<Ctrl> <right>

Switch to right pane

<Ctrl> F


<Ctrl> X

Cut and place on clipboard

<Ctrl> C

Copy to clipboard

<Ctrl> V

Paste from clipboard

<Ctrl> P


<Ctrl> T

Print tags



<Alt> <left>

Go back one page in the Pathfinder

<Alt> <right>

Go forward one page in the Pathfinder

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Last reviewed March 25, 2004   


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