Steps for importing specimen from delimited files
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To begin the import process for Specimen, be sure your current view is one of the specimen views.  From the File menu select the Import command.


Use the �Select data file� window to choose the comma separated file or the tab delimited file containing specimen records to be imported. See the files specimen.csv and Specimen.txt for samples of valid delimited files.

For a complete list of column names and their validation rules see the documents referenced in the Alphabetical index to column specifications.


Press the Next button.


Select one of the four possibilities for dealing with records that are both in the delimited file and in your database.

For the bottom three possibilities, you will also need to select how records in the database are compared with records in the delimited file.



Press the Next button.


Press the Start button to import the records.



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Last reviewed March 25, 2004   


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