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Importing category records is handy if you�ve created a collection of categories in one database and you want to copy them into a new database. To begin the import process for Categories, be sure your current view is the Category View. From the File menu select the Import command.

Use the �Select file� window to choose the XML file containing category records to be imported. See the file Category.xml for a sample of a valid XML file.

For a complete list of tagged values that can be used in the XML file see the document type definition contained in CompleatBotanicaSchema.xml.




Press the Next button.





Press the Start button to import the records.


Unlike the Import Specimen operation, the Import Category operation always deals with duplicates the same way. Categories in the database and in the XML file are matched by category code. If they are the same, the values in the XML file are merged with the values in the database. On the other hand, if the XML file contains a category that does not exist in the database, it is added.

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