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Each published document references three style sheets:  cbs-colorscheme.css, cbs-fontface.css, and cbs-pointsize.css.  These files are copied to the publication directory by the publish parser from the user-selected style sheets.  You can change any of the predefined style sheets or create your own.  Here's what three typical style sheets look like


.cbs-pagetitle { color: #204020 }
.cbs-textlabel { color: #808080 }
.cbs-textvalue { color: #204020 }
.cbs-pagefooter { color: #808080 }
.cbs-table { }
.cbs-tableheader { background-color: #F0F0F0; color: #204020 }
.cbs-tablevalue { background-color: #FFFFE0; color: #204020 }
.cbs-break { color: #FFFFE0}

"Lemon chiffon.css" defines a color scheme


.cbs-pagetitle { font-family: Comic Sans MS; text-align: Center }
.cbs-textlabel { font-family: Verdana }
.cbs-textvalue { font-family: Georgia }
.cbs-pagefooter { font-family: Verdana }
.cbs-table { }
.cbs-tableheader { font-family: Verdana }
.cbs-tablevalue { font-family: Georgia }
.cbs-break { }

"Web classic.css" defines a font style


.cbs-pagetitle { font-size: 18pt; }
.cbs-textlabel { font-size: 12pt; }
.cbs-textvalue { font-size: 12pt; }
.cbs-pagefooter { font-size: 12pt }
.cbs-table { }
.cbs-tableheader { font-size: 12pt }
.cbs-tablevalue { font-size: 12pt; }
.cbs-break { }

"12 points.css" defines font point sizes

Each of the three style sheet defines different aspects of the same eight styles.  These eight styles are used as follows:
style description
cbs-pagetitle Used for the document title.
cbs-textlabel Used for labels that describe a data field when not inside a table.
cbs-textvalue Used for data fields when not inside a table.
cbs-pagefooter Used for text at the bottom of a document.
cbs-table Used to define overall attributes of a table
cbs-tableheader Used for the first row of a multi-row table or the first column of a multi-column table.
cbs-tablevalue Used for data fields when they are part of a table
cbs-break Used to define the color of line breaks.

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