What is the ODBC Manager?
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The Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Manager is a utility for adding, configuring, and deleting database names. It contains a list of names (called data sources) used by many different database applications. Normally, The Compleat Botanica software handles the creation and deletion of data source entries in this list; however, when abnormal conditions occur this list can get out of synchronization with the true list of databases on your computer. If that happens, you�ll need to make additions, changes, and deletions using this utility. Here is what version 3.520 of the ODBC Manager looks like:

Each entry in the list is merely a reference to the actual data. Because of this, the creation and deletion of these references is autonomous with respect to the actual databases themselves; thus you can safely delete an entry in this list without affecting the actual database itself.

If you need to create a new entry in this list in order to make an existing database �visible�, follow the Eight steps to creating an ODBC data source.  If you need to correct a problem with an existing ODBC data source entry, check the instructions for Troubleshooting the ODBC configuration.

Caution: The full list of ODBC entries for your computer probably contains entries which have nothing to do with The Compleat Botanica. Making changes to those entries may affect the operation of other applications installed on your computer.

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Last reviewed March 25, 2004   


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