Eight steps to creating an ODBC data source
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Use these instructions to create a data source directly using the ODBC Manager.  This should be done only under abnormal conditions.


Press the Add button


Select the SQL Server driver.


Press the Finish button.


The Name is required.

The Description is optional.

Which SQL Server do you want to connect to? should be the SQL Server Desktop Engine with a name ending in �\CompleatBotanica�(The prefix is your computer name).


Press the Next button.


Click on the second button � �With SQL Server authentication using a login ID and password entered by the user.�

Change the Login ID to �sa� (This is the System Administrator ID).


Do not supply a Password.

Press the Next button.


Check the box labeled: �Change the default database to�

Use the drop-drop combo-box to select the existing database that you are making this ODBC entry for.

Leave all other buttons on this screen at their default values.

Press the Next button.


Leave all options on this screen as they are.



Press the Finish button.


Press the Test Data Source button


Verify that the �Tests Completed Successfully.�

Press the OK button.



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Last reviewed March 25, 2004   


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