Disk space requirements for The Compleat Botanica
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The Compleat Botanica software requires 250 Mb of disk space. The software may be placed on any drive letter from C to Z which has adequate space.

The Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine software requires approximately 70 Mb of disk space, (about 5 Mb will be place on your operating system disk, the remainder will be placed together with The Compleat Botanica software.)

The amount of space required for each database that you create depends on three things:


The number of specimen records you have.


The number and size of word processing-like notes you have.


A fixed size (about 60Mb) for the Checklist and the botanical name spell-checker.

All together, a first-time installation of The Compleat Botanica will need approximately 250 Mb of disk space.

Setup messages regarding disk space

During the setup process you may encounter a message like this:

You should press "Yes" only if you are reinstalling the software and you know that the existing files will be replaced (thus accommodating the new installation).

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Last reviewed March 25, 2004   


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