Additional software installed during setup of The Compleat Botanica
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During setup of the software, additional components may be installed if they are not already on your computer.

Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine

During installation of the software, Microsoft�s SQL Server Desktop Engine version 8.0 will automatically be installed from The Compleat Botanica setup CD.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

For proper operation of the software, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or greater must be installed on the computer (It does not need to be your default browser.)

Users of Windows 2000, and Windows XP can safely ignore this requirement because those operating systems are pre-configured with Internet Explorer.  Only Windows NT version 3.51 users need to check this.

You can obtain the latest version of Internet Explorer directly from Microsoft at  Internet Explorer.  For those who do not already have this on their computer, version 5.5 of Internet Explorer is included on the distribution CD.

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Last reviewed March 25, 2004   


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