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Vernacular names of plants within the Genus Illicium

star anise

Hierarchical position of the Genus Illicium

   Regnum  Plantae
common name: The plant kingdom
   Divisio  Magnoliophyta Cronquist
syn. Angiospermophyta / Anthophyta
pub. Takht. & Zimmerm. ex Reveal, Phytologia 79: 70. 29 Apr 1996.
common name: angiosperms, flowering plants
   Subdivisio  Magnoliophytina Frohne & U. Jensen ex Reveal
pub. Phytologia 79: 70. 29 Apr 1996.
common name: Angiosperms
   Classis  Magnoliopsida Brongn.
pub. Enum. Pl. Mus. Paris: xxvi, 95. 12 Aug 1843.
common name: Dicots
   Subclassis  Magnoliidae Nov�k ex Takht.
pub. Sist. Filog. Cvetk. Rast.: 51. Jan-Mar 1967.
   SuperOrdo  Magnolianae Takht.
pub. Sist. Filog. Cvetk. Rast.: 51. Jan-Mar 1967.
   Ordo  Illiciales Hu ex Cronquist
pub. Integr. Syst. Class. Fl. Pl.: 94. 10 Aug 1981.
   Familia  Illiciaceae (DC.) A.C. Sm.
pub. Sargentia 7: 8. 28 Nov 1947, nom. cons.
   Subfamilia  Illicioideae Raf.
pub. Anal. Nat.: 176. Apr-Jul 1815.
   Tribus  Illicieae DC.
pub. Prodr. 1: 77. mid Jan 1824.
   Genus  Illicium L.
pub. (1759)
common name: anisetree

Named members of the Genus Illicium

   Species  floridanum Ellis
common name: Florida anisetree
   Species  parviflorum Michx. ex Vent.
common name: yellow anisetree
   Species  verum Hook. f.
common name: ba jiao hui xian  (Chinese), star anise

Individual specimen entries are published in the sample database supplied with The Compleat Botanica for species or varieties of this supra-generic taxon.

Additional information is available in the commercial version of The Compleat Botanica software for species with this symbol.


For a description of the methodology followed in establishing this hierarchy see the note Nomenclature used in The Compleat Botanica.


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