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Pathfinder documentation can be displayed in three different ways:  1) through the integrated Pathfinder View, 2) through the Pathfinder on Top menu item, and 3) through the separate Pathfinder program from the Start menu.

Integrated Pathfinder View

Accessing documents through the integrated Pathfinder View reduces window clutter by using the same space used for all of the Specimen Views, the Filter View, the Checklist View, and the Category View.  Simply click on the toolbar icon at the top of the main window

You can also use the View menu to access the integrated Pathfinder View.

Pathfinder on Top

Sometimes it's helpful to be able to read documentation side-by-side with the area of the software that you're trying to learn about.

The Pathfinder on Top feature displays documents in a separate window that floats on top of The Compleat Botanica program.  To access it, use the Help menu item.

Separate Pathfinder

To access the Pathfinder documents without using The Compleat Botanica, use the Windows Start menu.

The separate window can be sized and positioned to best suit your display monitor.

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