Tips for printing great looking reports
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Here are some tips for printing specimen reports that may not be obvious at first glance:

1 The current filter specifies which records are included in the Specimen List.  This same set of records will be included on your printed reports.  To include all of your specimen records, choose a filter that doesn't exclude anything.
2 The current filter defines which items are included the Specimen List.  This same set of items, in the same column-by-column ordering is included on your printed report.  To create a report that doesn't span the width of two or more pages, define a simpler filter which includes fewer columns.
3 The sorted order of records in your printed report is the same as the sorted order in your Specimen List.  To read more about sorting see the document Sorting the list of specimen.
4 The width of columns in your printed report is proportional to the width of columns in the Specimen List.  To adjust the column widths in your report to better fit your selected fonts and paper layout, return to the Specimen List and follow the instructions for Adjusting the specimen list column width.  Note that column widths are proportional, not exact.  Changing the font size of the of the Specimen List or the font size of your report will automatically adjust the column widths of the report.
5 Portrait and Landscape are controlled by the Orientation item on the Print Preview, not by the settings of your printer.
6 The list of fonts shown in the Report Style Definition are the fonts available for the selected printer.  If the list of fonts seems too small, make sure you haven't selected a "Generic / Text Only" printer.
7 Each filtered set of records can be printed with any of the report styles.  By default, the report will be printed with the report style previously used by the selected filter.

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