Defining report style options
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Using the Options tab of the Report Style Definition you can make changes to the overall appearance of the report.

Here are explanations for the items under the Options tab:

* Choose either color or black and white.  When black and white is chosen, only shades of gray are available for fonts, backgrounds, and borders.

Note that color icons, RHS color patches, and thumbnail pictures are still shown in color.  If your printer does not automatically convert these to gray scale, you may want to use the substitute with text graphics option.

* Choose the use graphics option to show embedded date-range graphics, height and spread symbols, icons, and thumbnail pictures.

Choose the substitute with text option to print without these graphical elements.

See Graphics in printed reports for samples.

* The specimen data can be be printed using a single scheme or alternating schemes.  When the alternating row styles option is left unchecked, all specimen data is formatted using the "Specimen data (alternate 1)" section definitions.

When the alternating row styles option is turned on, you can choose how many rows are to be banded together in each of the two alternate schemes.  Usually this value is 1, but for special effects you can use 2 or a higher number.


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