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The Compleat Botanica is installed with preset column names that are suitable for many types of plant-related projects.  Your project might need a slightly different set of columns for specifying the attributes of your plant collection.  You can change the name of any database column, assigning a new name to fit your needs.  For example, if you are organizing a collection of seeds, and the "Nursery" column isn't needed for your project you could use the column for something else such as to record "Seed source".

To change a database column name, use the Customized Settings window, scroll down to find the name of the column to be changed, then type the new name in the right-hand side of the window.

The original name is "Nursery"
The new name is "Seed source"

This new name will be used on all reports, displays, and published pages.

Original display
Customized display

Note that the internal storage type and size cannot be changed.  Also, the type of display (drop-list, checkbox, button, text field, etc.) cannot be changed.

Customized categories can be used with your newly renamed column,  see Customizing your categories.

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