Tips for setting up accurate label layouts
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At first glance everything looks straightforward, but there are a few things about printing labels that may not be so obvious. Here are some tips for setting up and printing labels.

1 The size and layout of each sheet of labels is determined by six things:
  • Paper size. The overall dimensions of the sheet of labels. If you live in the USA this will most likely be "Letter size" or 8.5" by 11.0". If you live in any country which uses ISO paper sizes this will most likely be "A4" or 210mm x 297mm.
  • Orientation. Whether the labels are laid out in portrait or landscape mode. Most sheets of labels are oriented as portrait.
  • Label layout. The number of labels across the page and the number of labels down the page.
  • Page margins. The amount of space reserved for your printer to grab the sheet and pull it through the device. This is unprintable space.
  • Label dimensions. The width and height of each label.
  • Spacing between labels. The amount of space between each row of labels and between each column of labels. Many sheets of labels are arranged so that each label is adjacent to its neighbors; you'll specify zero for these types of labels.
2 The "scale" affects only the on-screen print preview, not the actual paper printing size.

When printing labels using the "Selected specimen" option, the sorted order of labels is the same as the sorted order in your Specimen List.  To read more about sorting see the document Sorting the list of specimen.

When printing labels using the "Tag needs printing" checkbox, the sorted order of labels is alphabetical by botanical name.

4 To add additional spacing between two lines of text on your labels you can add an extra line with no text. Simply use the "font size" to adjust the size of this blank line and thus the amount of blank spacing between your lines of text.
5 Portrait and Landscape are controlled by the Orientation item on the Print Preview, not by the settings of your printer.
6 The list of fonts shown in the Design Label window are the fonts available for the selected printer.  If the list of fonts seems too small, make sure you haven't selected a "Generic / Text Only" printer.
7 When using the "Tag needs printing" option, you can choose to automatically clear the checkbox when the labels have been satisfactorily printed.

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