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By using the Label options tab in the label format editor you can make changes to the overall appearance of your labels.  Here's what you can do:


Choose either color or black and white.  When black and white is chosen, only shades of gray are available in the Design label window.


Label margins are the non-printing portion of each label.  You can specify these values using US Customary units (inches) or metric units (millimeters) by making your choice in the Customize Setting window. See the document Choosing measurement units for reports and labels.

* When printing to plain paper instead of to actual labels, you may want to check the Show label outline when printing checkbox. This will print the background shading and outline of the simulated label. This is especially useful when printing placards that are intended to be laminated.

* This summary area shows the amount of space available for each label. This is calculated by taking into consideration the label's dimensions less the non-printable margins.


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