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Proper identification of plants is the key to unlocking the world's vast collection of plant-related data.  With a valid botanical name, you can find optimal soil, light, water, and nutrient conditions, as well as information on propagation, diseases, and more.  Nurseries know that their customer's want accurate and informative labels.  Here are a couple of label generators for the serious nurseryman.

"The only difference between a hobbyist's garden and a garden that people stop and notice, is the use of accurate and easy-to-read labels."

Anemone x hybrida 'Luise Uhink'



Price $399.00
Software requirements Windows 95/98/Me/2000
Hardware requirements 64MB RAM, 60 MB disk space
Description Plant labeling for garden centers including descriptions of 7500 plants.  Tags, signs, pot sticks, bar codes, color pictures.
Web site Gardenware
Company Gardenware
Location Cannon Beach, OR, USA
Demo not available

BareRoots Label Generation


Price US $399.00
Software requirements Windows 95/98/Me
Hardware requirements 32MB RAM, 100 MB disk space
Description Label generator for signs, hang tags, pot sticks.  Database of 4000 plant names and 1000 pictures.
Web site Diverse Software Solutions
Company Diverse Software Solutions
Location Capac, MI, USA
Demo available for download via Internet

Plants for Windows 


Price �34.95
Software requirements Not available
Hardware requirements 4 MB RAM
Description Plant database manager, plant locator, and printing system for recording plant height, location, category, conditions, soil types, etc.  Print labels, and easily prepare HTML documents.
Web site Plants for Windows
Author Chris Rundle
Location Llandrinio, Powys, UK
Demo available for download via Internet

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