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Today's research into genetics is rewriting both the history and the classification of plants.  The higher taxonomic ranks of class, order, family and tribe are losing their centuries old meaning as we learn more about the history of the tree of life.

Phylogeny is the evolutionary development of a species. Caldistics is the classification of organisms based on their phylogenetic relationships.  Here are some of the important research tools used for investigating plant genetics.

Aster novi-belgii



Price Freeware
Software requirements Windows 3.1/95/NT
Mac 7.1
Hardware requirements Not available
Description Construction of plant phylogenies.  Display and print in radial, slanted cladogram, rectangular cladogram, and phylogram styles.
Web site TreeView
Author Roderic D. M. Page
Location Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Demo full version available via Internet download



Price US $15.95
Software requirements Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XT
Hardware requirements 32 MB RAM, 26 MB disk, 24-bit color
Description System for encoding information about living organisms using cladistic keys.  
Web site Lucid
Company Centre for Pest Information and Technology Transfer
Location Queensland, Australia
Demo "Player" is available via Internet download.  "Builder" is available for in demo mode.



Price Open source
Software requirements Java on Windows, MacOS, and Unix
Hardware requirements Not available
Description Phylogenic analysis, parsimony, geometric morphometrics, principal components analysis
Web site Mesquite
Author Wayne Maddison
Sponsor University of Arizona



Price No charge
Software requirements Windows
Hardware requirements Not available
Description Analysis of evolutionary trees in phylogeny studies including tree shape distribution, gene trees/species trees, host-parasite cospeciation, and biogeography.
Web site Component
Author Rod Page
Location Glasgow, Scotland, UK

IntKey & DELTA


Price No charge
Software requirements Windows 95/NT
Hardware requirements Not available
Description The DELTA format (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) is a flexible method for encoding taxonomic descriptions for computer processing. DELTA-format data can be used to produce natural-language descriptions, conventional and interactive keys, and cladistic and phenetic classifications.
Web site Delta
Author M. J. Dallwitz
Location Canberra, Australia



Price $125.00
Software requirements Mac
Hardware requirements Not available
Description Phylogenetic analysis software for use in studies of character evolution. Has tools for entering phylogenies and for producing tree diagrams and charts.
Web site MacClade
Authors David R. Maddison and Wayne P. Maddison
Publisher Sinauer Associates
Location Sunderland, MA
Demo not available

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