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Recording data and capturing pictures of personal plant collections is a common passion among enthusiasts specializing in one plant family or one geographic region.  Software to help organize these collections provide the user with tools to properly name, label, and record data.  Good examples of this type of software allow for importing/exporting so that club members and fellow associates can share their collections.  Publishing collections in HTML format is another popular theme.

Convolvulus tricolor

CactusBase Pro &
Lexicon of Cacti names 


Price �25
US$ 40
Software requirements Windows 3.1/95/98/2000
Hardware requirements Not available
Description Software to record cactus and succulent data.  The Lexicon of Cacti names contains 25,000 cacti names (common and botanical).
Web site CactusBase
Location Rayleigh, Essex, UK
Demo evaluation version available for download

Plants for Windows 


Price �34.95
Software requirements Not available
Hardware requirements 4 MB RAM
Description Plant database manager, plant locator, and printing system for recording plant height, location, category, conditions, soil types, etc.  Print labels, and easily prepare HTML documents.
Web site Plants for Windows
Author Chris Rundle
Location Llandrinio, Powys, UK
Demo available for download via Internet

Biodiversity Information Management System


Price AU $275.00
Software requirements Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Hardware requirements 32 MB RAM, 300 MB disk space
Description Collection, maintenance, analysis and dissemination of taxonomic, biodiversity and environmental data  .Taxon-based database of nomenclature, distribution, classification, ecology and morphology.  Specimen-based information includes collection sites and dates, collectors, museum storage locations, loans, accession and catalogue numbers.
Web site BioLink
Sponsor CISRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Location Canberra, Australia
Demo not available
Database Microsoft SQL Server



Price $1,499.00
Software requirements DOS
Hardware requirements not available
Description Taxonomic tree from family to cultivar with citations and author database.  Geographic data entry to track plant localities.  Herbarium specimen organization and labeling.
Web site Florin
Company DataX/Florin, Inc.
Location Moscow, Russia
Demo Evaluation copy available via Internet download
Database Informix

Ideas Genie


Price �22.50
Software requirements Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000
Hardware requirements not available
Description Database of your plants and your pictures. Features copy and paste from Web documents to database notes fields. Prepares garden tour guides.
Web site IdeasForGardens
Location Northern Ireland
Demo companion software available for download after sending e-mail to company.
Database Visual FoxPro 6.0



Price �39.00
Software requirements Windows 3.1/95/98/NT
Hardware requirements 8MB RAM, 7.5MB disk space
Description Plant collection manager.  
Web site Ecologycal
Company Ecologycal Ltd.
Location Sherborne St John, Hants., UK
Demo available for download via Internet
Database Access



Price $59.95
Software requirements Windows 3.1/95/98
Hardware requirements 256 colors
Description Catalog and organize orchid collections.
Web site eORCHID
Location San Diego, CA, USA
Demo not available

Daylily CD & Daylily Tools


Price $US15 - Daylily CD

$US39 Daylily Tools

Software requirements Windows 3.1 95 and above
Hardware requirements NA
Description A database of 1700 daylilies for growers and sellers
Web site DaylilySearch
Location Tuscaloosa, AL, USA
Demo 21 day trial version available for download

Garden Organizer Deluxe


Price US$ 65.00
Software requirements Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Hardware requirements not available
Description Organize and manage garden related data including plants, projects, and contacts.
Web site PrimaSoft
Company PrimaSoft
Location Surry, BC, Canada
Demo 45 day trial version available for download
Database Web dB Server

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