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You can use the Pathfinder facility to find answers to questions about the software. There are two basic approaches to using Pathfinder. If you simply want to browse through the available topics, use the tree-like table of contents in the left-hand window pane. Double-clicking any item with the special index symbol will display a list of related informational documents -- these are the items prefaced with the blue info symbol .

If you prefer to search for answers using the familiar search engine approach, you can type short phrases, questions, or keywords into the search box. Documents containing one or more of your keywords are listed in the results page inside the Pathfinder window.

When perusing the search results page remember that documents whose title or description closely match your question will be listed towards the top of the result list. Documents which contain one or more of your keywords anywhere else on the page will round out the remaining portion of the result list.

To learn more about the Pathfinder facility, see the How to use the Pathfinder facility.


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