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Company policies

   Being green


Security policy

All of our software has been screened for viruses before shipping.  We use McAfee VirusScan software which can detect and repair most viruses.  The DAT version used for The Compleat Botanica is 4.0.4333 dated March 3, 2004.  This is the highest level of protection at the time of final software release.

The Internet

The Compleat Botanica uses Microsoft Internet Explorer as a World Wide Web browser within the Pathfinder View of the software.  This integrated browser allows you to view HTML documents both within the software's help system and from the Internet at large.  A strict separation exists between the database portion of the software and the Pathfinder View.  Rest assured that none of your data is ever made available to the Internet.  Furthermore, no Internet browsing can ever replace or delete anything in your Compleat Botanica databases.

Last reviewed March 03, 2006   


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