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Company policies

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Removing your name from the
Crescent Bloom marketing database

Crescent Bloom may have obtained your name and e-mail address from the web site of a nursery, plant society, research organization, gardening retailer, or other plant related organization.

Occasionally these sites have links to other sites which are unrelated to plants.  If you do not want product announcements, upgrade notices, or advance notice of specials, you can remove your name from our custom database by simply sending us an e-mail with the subject line that reads "Remove from list".

Please remove my name from your database

NOTE:  Due to the automatic forwarding of mail from one address to another, it isn't always possible to identify which address in our marketing database corresponds to your e-mail address.  If you've received unwanted duplicates of our announcements, or if you know that your e-mail is forwarded in this manner, you can ensure complete removal by simply "replying" to our original message using the subject line "Remove from list".

Crescent Bloom does not buy or sell lists of e-mail addresses.

Last reviewed March 03, 2006   


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