Being green
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Being green

Our green policies reflect our local community's attitude toward the environment.  Our offices are located in the headlands to the Atascadero Creek, a minor catch basin flowing into the Russian River watershed.  We follow sustainable practices in our business and personal lives.  We appreciate that our customers live in very special places too.  We're doing our part to keep your environment clean.

Compost ready materials

A note about compost-ready materials.  Every effort has been made to reduce the amount of printed material sent to our customers.  Research has shown that most of the junk-mail inserts and printed documentation accompanying today's retail software products ends up in the trash without ever being read.  Fortunately, these paper-based inserts are easily broken down when fed to compost worms.

On the darker-side though, the more insidious elements of Styrofoam packaging peanuts and shrink-wrapping material is needlessly contributing to the construction of mountainous dumps throughout the world.  Crescent Bloom uses corrugated cardboard boxes, not bubble-wrap and definitely not Styrofoam for our shipments.  We omit the shrink-wrapping because it's not needed.

Last reviewed March 03, 2006   


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