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Zanthoxylum piperitum

Japan pepper

Cup shaped yellow-green flowers turn into red berries in autumn.

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"Philip  says . . ."

Philip is responsible for a growing collection of herbaria sheets.  "Our needs are simple and straightforward - The Compleat Botanica handles everything we need to record.  It's by far the easiest to use".  Philip likes the query ability of the software because he can find records in so many different ways.

Did you know?

Q:  How can I conveniently see my pictures full-sized?

A:  The picture previewer has a button labeled "Front" that lets you keep the picture window on top of all other windows.  Instead of closing and re-opening the previewer for each picture in your collection, you can keep this window open while changing the selected item in the specimen list.  In this way you can poke through your picture collection seeing them full-sized.  See the full story.

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The Compleat Botanica for herbaria
Record sheet number, collector's name, collection location, collection date, and collection number for herbarium specimen.
Filter by multiple criteria and see only the columns and rows of interest.
Record special notes in the rich-text notes area.
Use all of the other features of The Compleat Botanica to develop and publish plant-related reports with photographs.


Features for herbaria

  Customized look and feel

  Precise colors

  Specimen tags

  Data sharing

  All of the essential features of The Compleat Botanica

Data fields for herbaria

Just a few of the data fields useful for herbaria:

  Specimen number

  Uncertain taxonomy

  Collection number

  Collection location

  Collection date

  Collector name

  Herbarium notes

  Alphabetical index of all 160 fields used by The Compleat Botanica


Software snapshots

There are 17 side-by-side data entry views making it easy to access and update your data.  Be sure to check out the Herbarium view.

  See all 17 views . . .


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Frequently asked questions

  The Compleat Botanica seems like a real winner but you're missing out on people like me who use Macintosh computers.

A:  The unfortunate reality of software is that it takes enormous amounts of time, talent, and money to develop and support more than one platform.  Only the largest software houses can do this well.  At Crescent Bloom we're continuing to improve the software and it's accompanying Web site to make it even more useful to the very diverse mixture of people whose interests include the plant kingdom.  For now that's where we'll stay focused. 

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Tips . . .

  Here's a step-by-step procedure for creating a new filter.

A:  Filters allow you to see a partial listing of the specimen in your collection. This is useful when you have a large collection; but even if you have a small collection filters are still useful for choosing which columns to show in the list.

Here's a step-by-step procedure for creating a new filter.  see the full story.

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