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Making sense out of hard-to-remember names

We've all wondered about the meaning of plant names.  Who gave them that name?  When were they first discovered?  What other plants are botanically related?

No matter what source you rely on, the start of your exploration begins with a properly spelled name.  With The Compleat Botanica everyone is a spelling-bee champion.

If you're an avid gardener, you'll like these other Compleat Botanica features.

The ability to organize and sort your collection by garden location.

The ability to look up when every specimen in your garden was acquired and where they came from.

The ability to record a wish-list of species and varieties to carry along on nursery-hopping adventures.

The ability to print labels with botanical, common, and family names.

And the usefulness of The Compleat Botanica extends from the simple to the exotic.  Keeping track of what you have, planning a garden that's always in bloom, organizing your collection by families (or soil or climate or habit or any of 19 different custom categories), all this and much more can be done with today's most powerful and flexible botanical software.


Gaillardia aristata

Last reviewed March 03, 2006   


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