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Tracking successes and failures the easy way

After weeks in the potting shed it's inevitable that you've forgotten some of the details.  What works and what doesn't?  What conditions improved your success rate?  What should you try next?

If you're a cultivator, propagator, or plant specialist these Compleat Botanica features will be used over and over.

The ability to keep track of successes and failures.

The ability to link specimen to their heritage.

Record propagation protocols.

The ability to keep notes on growing conditions, problems you've encountered, and other experimental results.

The ability to record precise color values for leaves, blossoms, and accents.
The ability to retain pictures with the botanical specimen.
The ability to print specimen tags.

Filtering, sorting, finding, reporting and more, all made simple.  Getting the help you need is just a click away.

Fuchsia 'Nellie Nuttall'

Last reviewed March 03, 2006   


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