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Building a catalog is part of the fun

Californica, chinensis, canadensis, florida, japonica, kousa, occidentalis?  How many are you missing?  What's next on your wish list?  When is their peak season?  What do they have in common?

If you're a plant collector, The Compleat Botanica has features you'll appreciate.  Whether you specialize in a species, a genus or a family, or if you collect natives or exotics, you get the help you need to:

Keep your collections sorted

Find specimen by partial name

Perform World Wide Web research from within the Pathfinder

Record blooming, leafing and other interest calendar periods

Share collection data with your colleagues and friends
Prepare listings with only the data fields you need

There are libraries of botanic resource data and a web of expertise to reference.  But what you really need is a compact way to keep track of your data and your collections.  Botanical software has never looked so good.


Alyogne heugelli

Last reviewed March 03, 2006   


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