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Customers buy more when they know more

Helping your customers quickly get the information they need to make the right choice is essential.  Nurseries both large and small know that customers respond to placards with colorful pictures and first-person descriptive text.  Lists of shade-tolerant plants, plants that can handle problem soils, plants that attract butterflies, and so forth, are effective promoters when posted in your nursery for customers to reference.

Botanical software can help you promote your business.  Preparing attractive customer lists is just one benefit of using The Compleat Botanica.  Here are some other features you'll use again and again:

Easily record sunshine, water, soil, climate and hardiness requirements

Pick from one of the standard life cycles (annual, perennial, biennial, etc.) or add your own

Use your own custom categories for desirable qualities -- attracts hummingbirds, fragrant, autumn foliage, showy winter bark, rodent-proof, etc.

Provide information on adverse qualities:  itchy, toxic, attracts pests, etc.

Prepare lists based on "best uses"
Prepare lists of this week's peak bloomers or a "calendar of color".
Sort by common name, botanical name, family name, or any category or field in your database.

Satisfied customers keep coming back.  Keep your customers happy by giving them the information they need to make the right choices every time.

Viola tricolor

Last reviewed March 03, 2006   


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