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Protection made easy

Advocacy needs a voice supported by facts.  The conservator's challenge is to take the large quantity of available data and present it in an easily understood form.

If you work in the fields of plant conservation, preservation, restoration, biodiversity, and related fields, you'll need the help that The Compleat Botanica can provide.

Keep track of native plant distributions, alien and invasive plant encroachments, and so forth, with ease.  Track climate, soil, and water as it relates to species in your target area.  Get help in organizing data for Environmental Impact Reports.

Preparing your checklists was never easier.  Some key features include special categories for:

The plant communities of Munz

Special categories for climate, heat and hardiness

Soil pH and texture

Desirable and adverse qualities

Botanical gardens can easily produce seasonal docent guides of what's blooming
The ability to retain pictures with the botanical specimen.
The ability to print specimen tags.

Well organized information makes for a convincing argument.  Sort your biological data the easy way and see both the forest and the trees.

Potentilla gracilas

Last reviewed March 03, 2006   


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