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Simply going organic doesn't spell success

If you spend your summer weekends selling at Farmer's Markets you know that customer's buy more when you add the "special touch".  Botanical software can help keep you organized both during the week and on the weekends.

Use the Compleat Botanica to:

Track your fruit and vegetable growing seasons and prepare "Next week's produce list" for your regular customers.

Print separate lists for yourself and your customers.  One by botanical name, one by common name.

Record your crop yields together with your sales volume to better prepare for next year.

Use the "best uses" field to list flavors, crispness, juiciness, tartness, etc.

Use the "desirable qualities" field to list health benefits, nutrient facts, and more.
Prepare price lists that grab your potential customer's attention -- any font, any size, any color.

Choosing one produce stand over another always gets back to the simple matter of getting their attention.  Great botanical software can make the difference.

Last reviewed March 03, 2006   


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