Wetland biologists inventory their diversity
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Alchemilla mollis

A natural dewdrop catcher

Always a visual pleasure after a rainfall or a night of heavy dew, these leaves catch the water in delightful bubbles.

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"Jeffrey  says . . ."

Jeffrey knows that effective wetland management requires field work, policy decisions, and good staff support.  "My staff assistant uses The Compleat Botanica to inventory the plant species known to exist in our mitigation projects.  Together with our part-time biologist they identify and track the invasion of unwanted species."
Did you know?

Q:  Does the botanical name have to be in every specimen list?

A:  No.  As a reasonable first guess, new filters start out with the botanical name as the first column of every filter.  This is entirely optional.

If you choose a different item to replace it, you will have a surprisingly different looking specimen list.  This is because the first item in the filter is always displayed in the prominent top-half of each specimen row.  This position does not scroll left and right with the rest of the list, but stays fixed to the left-hand side of the list. see the full story.

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The Compleat Botanica and wetland managers
Develop checklists using the wetland indicator and wetland classification fields.
Keep track of the biodiversity in your management area with a plant-based inventory.
Share your data and your results with others in your professional circle.
Use all of the other features of The Compleat Botanica to develop and publish plant-related reports.


Features for wetland managers


  Botanical name display

  Multiple views

  Rich-text notes

  All of the essential features of The Compleat Botanica

Data fields for wetland managers

Just a few of the data fields useful for wetland managers:

  Plant community

  Wetland indicator

  Wetland classification

  Geographic origin

  Distribution range

  Alphabetical index of all 160 fields used by The Compleat Botanica


Software snapshots

There are 17 side-by-side data entry views making it easy to access and update your data.  Be sure to check out the Biodiversity View.

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Frequently asked questions

  Do you supply a printed manual with the software?

A:  Yes.  The software comes with a quick guide entitled:  Getting the most out of the Compleat Botanica.

In addition to this printed quick guide, there are approximately 600 cross-referenced HTML documents that provide a tour of the software, describe how to manage your data, provide tips for getting more out of the software, and provide links to plant related Web sites.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Tips . . .

  How to find plant names.

A:  Looking for a hard to remember name can be frustrating, especially when you're not an expert in botanical names. The software provides several ways to search for names, each useful for different searching problems.

If you know a plant by its common name, use the list of vernacular names.

If you know part or all of the botanical name, you can use either the vernacular name list or the Find facility of the taxonomic checklist.

If you're certain that you have a specimen record for a particular name, you can use the Find facility of the specimen view. See the full story.

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