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Gaura lindheimeri

A summertime delight.

Light and airy sprays of simple
four-petaled blossoms.
Emerges light pink and quickly
fades to white.

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"Jamie says . . ."

Jamie keeps an inventory of trees and their expected maintenance schedule for his largest customers.  "It may not be the way it was designed, but I use the Garden Location field for customer names."  By doing that Jamie can instantly pull up work lists for each customer.
Did you know?

Q:  What is the data source field used for?

A:  Use the �data source� field to acknowledge the source of your information about a particular specimen. When conflicting information is obtained at a later time, you can double-check the accuracy of both sources.  See the full story.

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Software snapshots

There are 17 side-by-side data entry views making it easy to access and update your data.  Be sure to check out the Life Cycle View.

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The Compleat Botanica and the arborist
Record tree forms, life spans, fertilizer requirements, and best practices.
Prepare printouts for your staff and your customers.
Easily search the Web using the Gateway feature to find pest and disease reports.
Use all of the other features of The Compleat Botanica to develop and publish plant-related reports.


Features for the arborist

  Custom categories

  Botanical spell-checker

  Flexible specimen lists

  Data sharing

  All of the essential features of The Compleat Botanica

Data fields for the arborist

Just a few of the data fields useful to arborists:

  Life span

  Annual cycle

  Growth form

  Overall height

  Overall spread

  Common pests

  Adverse qualities



  Alphabetical index of all 160 fields used by The Compleat Botanica



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Frequently asked questions

  The Compleat Botanica seems like a real winner but you're missing out on people like me who use Macintosh computers.

A:  The unfortunate reality of software is that it takes enormous amounts of time, talent, and money to develop and support more than one platform.  Only the largest software houses can do this well.  At Crescent Bloom we're continuing to improve the software and it's accompanying Web site to make it even more useful to the very diverse mixture of people whose interests include the plant kingdom.  For now that's where we'll stay focused.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Tips . . .

  How to add a new category

A:  Adding a new category to the list of pre-installed categories is simple. You'll most likely want to do this with some of the more flexible items such as Garden location and Nursery. These are typically the types of items that tend to be the most user-specific. By contrast, items such as USDA Zones, soil pH, and Sunset climate zones tend to be rarely, if ever, supplemented.  See the full story.

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